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We have been operating on the market since 1988. Our main business activity involves production of basic laboratory equipment. Among many different products manufactured in our plant, the following are the most common: laboratory stands, pipette stands, test tube stands, laboratory baskets, tripods, hose clamps, wire products, etc.

Our products are mainly used in: industrial, scientific, medical, veterinary, environmental protection and school laboratories, etc.

What guarantees durability of our products is adaptation of appropriate materials to their production, as well as application of suitable protective coatings depending on the environment in which a given product is used.

Our plant implements not only orders that match the standard product models published on our website, but also orders tailored to individual customer requirements and their own designs.

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Z.P.H.U. Warmet
Zbigniew Wawrzak
42-242 Rędziny
ul. Fabryczna 4

e-mail: biuro@warmet.com.pl, warmet@warmet.com.pl
tel/fax. (+48) 34 327 94 83
mobile. 604 275 113

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday:
07:00 - 15:00

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